Automate your customer service tasks to deliver the best support

Communicate with your customers intelligently by having all your customer information in one place. With Workato automations, you can also execute and track customer requests with engineering more efficiently.

  • Smart customer onboarding
    Smart customer onboarding
    The deal is closed, but your customer needs to be onboarded into your system. Automate the administrative work including the exchange of documents and manual approval steps to ensure smooth customer experience.
  • Intelligent support response with AI
    Intelligent support response with AI
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) services like IBM Watson make it possible to detect the sentiment of support requests and classify them by topic without human interference. We let you tie AI services into your support process to streamline support response and triage urgency.

“You can right now, at this very moment begin using artificial intelligence in your business. You don’t need to know code, have a giant budget, or have hundreds of hours to devote to setting it up. Workato allows you to create complex integrations with no IT team in minutes, empowering you to take full advantage of the cloud apps you use everyday.”

Sharon Klardie, Director Strategic Projects & Salesforce Evangelist, Workato

  • Acting upon your NPS
    Acting upon your NPS
    It’s important to measure customer satisfaction with your support team. Workato lets you not only report on your Net Promoter Score (NPS), but also take action on each individual response immediately. You can define your specific proactive NPS response process by tying together a survey tool like Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey with your support app.
  • Customer-driven development
    Customer-driven development
    For an online product, support often needs to work closely with the development team using tools like Atlassian Jira or the operations team working with a tool like ServiceNow. Integrate development and operations tools with your support app to close the loop for “bug and enhancement request” related support issues. The outcome is customer success without extra work for the support team or unnecessary distraction for the dev team.

“Information is power so our customer success and engineering teams need to stay the loop. With Workato, when the status of a Jira ticket is updated, it passes right back to Salesforce. That way, everyone in client success is always informed of any enhancements we’re making right in a case in Salesforce. It makes our customer success better without any extra work for them or any distractions for the dev team.”

Cheryl Feldman, Salesforce Administrator and MVP

  • Trial, upsell & renewal optimization
    Trial, upsell & renewal optimization
    With the right information from the billing system in your customer support system, your support agents get visibility into where customers are at in their billing cycle, and are able to make conversations to promote upsells and renewals.
  • Preemptive churn risk management
    Preemptive churn risk management
    With your systems synced in an efficient and timely manner, your support reps can easily surface insights pertaining to churn probability, and thus engage in sensible conversations to prevent customer churn.
How efficient is your customer success team?

How efficient is your customer success team?

Use Workato’s automation grader to check the efficiency of your customer success team. See how well your team is automated and get customized tips for improved productivity.

Setting our customer service team up for success

Our Support team saved hours each week with Workato automations, allowing them to maintain a median response time of 3 minutes to inquiries during working hours and inform other team experts of issues without context switching.

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How We Hacked Sales
Carlos Santos
Team leader of Launches & Support
“Workato’s integration with JIRA, Zendesk and Slack has had a significant positive impact for my support team. They can concentrate on the problems that are reported and they don’t have to remind themselves to send notifications to this team or that team. We consistently have an above 95% Customer Satisfaction Rating.”